Staying in Touch

Who are we?

DH23Things has been developed and designed by Dr Helen Webster (aka Rattusscholasticus). I’m a Research Associate in CRASSH at Cambridge. This programme is part of my work for the Digital Humanities Network‘s Transferable Digital Skills project in 2012.

Helping me run the programme is a team of librarians, computer officers and marketing and publicity professionals, who have offered feedback and advice on the programme design. I’m very grateful for their input and advice, without which the programme would not have been able to offer such broad expert perspectives on the use and impact of digital technologies (though all errors are mine!).

There are a number of ways you can stay in touch with what’s happening:

Social networking will be a focus of DH23Things, and as the programme progress, we’ll be building up a community among participants, using the tools we’re exploring. The programme is itself built using free social media tools, and we hope to model good practice in using them!

  • To begin with, you can register your email address with us so we can contact you about the programme. Please fill in the online form to register with the programme. You can also stay up to date with each week’s ‘Thing’ by following this blog to receive email notifications of updates, in the right hand column.
  • There is also a ucam email list ( which you can post to, with questions, issues, tips or to team up with other participants. This list is used by more than one 23Things programme at Cambridge, so you may be able to learn from or even help participants who’ve done the course before. It will be useful during your participation, but also a way to keep in touch with new Things introduced on future iterations. Join the mailing list here.
  • You can also use the blog’s ‘comment’ function to communicate with us or with other participants. If you have a comment or question about the programme or any of the ‘things’, add a comment to the relevant blog post here, and we’ll answer you here too. Once you’ve set up your own blog, you can use the settings to allow others to comment on your own posts if you wish – and we encourage you to read the blogs of other participants and interact with them in this way too! Our team will be reading the blogs with interest and may add a comment or two on your reflections.
  • The twitter hashtag #DH23 is being used to discuss the programme and share anything related to it.

In the spirit of DHThings as a peer-led programme, if you want to set up your own communication channels using the tools we’re exploring, or any other tools, feel free to do so! You might use Doodle Poll to set up a face-to-face discussion, post to the ucam-23things email list, or create a Facebook page to share tips. It’s up to you to create the network you need! Just let us know what you’re up to, so we can make sure that there’s no confusing duplication and that these additional initiatives are publicised to all the participants where appropriate.

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