Module Two

Module Two: Manging Information Online (28th January 2013)

This module looks at the core activity of the digital researcher: finding, curating, creating, managing and storing information online.


  • Thing One: Finding and filtering information (Alternative search engines, email alerts, RSS to Journal ToCs)
  • Thing Two: Annotating information (Evernote)
  • Thing Three: Processing and presenting information (Scrivener)
  • Thing Four: Storing information (Dropbox, Googledocs)
  • Thing Five: Collating and curating information – for yourself and others (Mendeley/Zotero) (extras: Delicious, Pocket)
  • Thing Six: Handling information workflows (Colwiz)
  • Thing Seven: Debrief, Future-proofing your Information

Each Module is stand-alone. You can complete whichever modules are relevant to your current activities, without having completed the others. The only Thing which is common to all of the Modules is Thing One: Blogging.

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