How to join

How to join the DH23Things Programme:

DH23Things is currently running Module Two: Manging Information Online. To register for Module Two, follow the instructions below. 

If you want to work through Module One, you’re very welcome to do so at any time; the materials will remain online. Click on the ‘Module One’ category to your right to find Module One Things. If you’d like to blog your reflections on Module One, follow the instructions in Thing One. You can then include it in the list of other Module One participants so that others can find your reflections by emailing me with your blog name and URL at and I will add it for you.

Module Two:

  1. Register your participation. To register for Module Two, simply fill in the form below. If you’ve already participated in Module One, you’ll need to re-register so we know you’re continuing.
  2. Register your blog. Participating in DH23Things involves setting up a reflective blog. If you are new to blogging, or you’d like to set up a blog specifically for DH23Things separately from an existing blog, you’ll find instructions in Module One Thing One and in the post Welcome to Module Two. Once you have set up your blog, you’ll be able to register it below with the central programme blog here, and participate in the DH23 community.

What if I want to start after the programme has begun? That’s fine – you can catch up! Fill in the registration form, set up and register your blog, and get started!

What if I fall behind or need to take a break for holidays or conferences? That’s fine too – you can catch up. We include some breaks in the programme to allow people to complete it in their own time.

Do I have to blog, or register my blog?  No – if you want to do the programme privately, by not blogging or not registering your blog with us, that’s fine. You might miss out on the benefits of participating fully in the network of participants, and others will miss out on your insights! If you don’t blog, or we don’t know about your blog, then you won’t be able to count the programme towards your graduate skills training, if you’re a PhD student, as we won’t have any evidence of your participation. If you are concerned about privacy online, you can always choose to blog anonymously under a pseudonym. See also the FAQ.

Step One: Register your participation:

Step Two: Register your blog:

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