Getting Blogging

If you’re interested in starting a blog, or continuing your DH23Things blogging presence beyond the programme, we’ve collected some resources here to help you to get started.

On 28th November, we held a discussion for early career Humanities researchers interested in blogging. Participants represented a range of experience, from those who had never blogged before, to those who blog professionally for the Guardian. We discussed the various uses that blogs can be put to in the context of academia, what we might blog about, what makes a good blog post, how to build and interact with an audience and potential pitfalls. We will write up an account of the session to be posted here soon.

Reading blogs

One of the best ways to learn about blogging is to read and comment on other people’s blogs. By interacting in this way, you will not only learn more about what you might do with a blog and what works well, you will also begin to develop a following who might read your blog posts. Some academic blogs you might start with:

Cambridge Bloggers

Some of these bloggers are hosted by the national press; others maintain their own blog individually. Certainly, starting your own blog individually is a way into journalistic blogging!

Project blogs:

Blogs can be used during a project as a way of updating stakeholders and providing a record of activities.

Group blogs

You needn’t maintain your own blog; contributing to or editing a group blog might be a less labour-intensive way to reach more readers and broaden your own network.

Peer mentoring blogs:

You can find more blogs on Higher Education in the Guardian HE Network’s blog directory.

If you know of any other blogs, especially Cambridge ones, which could be included, let us know in the comments!


Blogging platforms

To set up your blog, you might use one of these free platforms:

Other platforms you might integrate with your blog to add multimedia:

Blog posts needn’t be just text. As well as linking to content from others, you can upload your own and embed it in your blog posts.

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