4 comments on “#DH23 Thing One: Alternative publishing formats

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  2. You’ve linked to one of the LSE’s blog links, but I’d like to point to LSE’s Impact of Social Sciences blog as well, at http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/ – it’s full of interesting posts on exactly the themes of this project, both theory and practice. It gathers and republishes content from individual blogs, and there are some great guides for using different aspects of social media as well.

    One other discussion point is whether the use of multi-authored blogs rather than individual efforts is more rewarding. In my faculty there is a grad multi-authored blog Res Gerendae (http://resgerendae.wordpress.com/), with a few core contributors and others (like me) who drop in and out when we have something we want to say.

  3. thanks for posting those resources!

    On the topic of multi-authored blogs, it might be a good way to get around the issue of having to maintain a blog regularly – a bit of a burden to do on your own, but much less effort and possibly more rewarding and interesting with a group. Setting up a group DH23things blog would also be a viable option for participants of this programme, I suppose – wonder if anyone will?

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